Proyum professional packaging systems are offering solutions for all kinds of packaging and wrapping systems.

We are supporting packaging machines and production lines belonging to multiple different sectors, especially with our cold-clamped egg packaging machine.

Aside from our packaging machines, we are at your service with special machine production in line with your demands.

Our main focus is customer satisfaction. For this reason, by following the developments in technology in a team spirit with all our employees, to provide products and services to our customers that will surpass their expectations, being ecofriendly and sensitive to human health, contributing to our country’s economy and constantly raising the bar of success, it is our duty to be an exemplary and pioneering organization in the sector.



Our Goal

Our main priority is satisfying our customers. For this purpose, we always analyze the expectations of our customers in the most accurate way possible and aim to exceed those expectations.


With years of experience in this sector and their specializations, our R&D team work in line with the demands of our customers to produce solutions in the halting areas of the industry. They are constantly working on approved projects to produce solutions and successfully implement them.


We start the 3D design of the projects that are deemed to be operable in the idea stage, designs are drawn down to their smallest parts in a computer environment. The automation side is carried out while designs are made and the machining and assembly stages are still going on. In this section, panel design, automation and software are done by our expert team within our company.


Our production center consists of 7 main units: R&D CNC sheet metal processing center, CNC part processing center, assembly, electrical engineering, quality assurance and after-sales service units.